At In the Loop your privacy is our number one priority. We will never share your information with anyone in any form without your expressed permission, either in the form of written consent or via privacy settings in your account. Furthermore employees of In the Loop will have access to your information but only when required to help you out. Any employee found violating this policy will be harshly disciplined.

When you contact us to inquire about membership you will not be subjected to overly aggressive and pushy sales people, that is so not we are all about. One of our caring member consultants will work with you on your schedule to answer all your questions and get you signed up for membership if that is what you decide you want. The ball will always be in your hands. For example if you fill out a form on our web site to have a member consultant contact you an email will be generated to you where you can provide times you are available to have them call you back. We may follow up with you from time to time to see if there are any additional question we can answer from you, if you wish to not be contacted again just tell us and you will not hear from us again.